Joshua Bagley

Generative/Algorithmic Artist

Hello, and welcome to my page! I am an artist born and raised in New Hampshire, USA. All of my artwork is made with computer code, a process commonly known as generative art. I also plot some of my artwork using an HP 7550 Plus pen plotter.

Formally, my background is in physics and engineering, with a bachelors degree in aerospace engineering. I starting teaching myself how to program in the late summer of 2020, creating cellular automata with Python for fun. This lead me to discover generative art, and the many artists who create beautiful visuals using computer code. I quickly became addicted, and started learning Processing, the program I use today. My passion for programming stems from the continuous problem solving and exploratory methods involved with writing code.

Biology and nature are the biggest sources of inspiration in my artwork. I am fascinated by the ability for computer code to mimic biological processes, and the organic, lifelike forms that can be created.